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To All Perspective Recruits

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To All Perspective Recruits

Post by Calakool on Thu May 07, 2009 11:14 pm

So then, as the subject suggests this thread is for anyone looking to join Us in playing Gunbound. What We will require of You is that you post a new message in this section of our forum here with the following information :

Your in-game Name and Rank

What guilds have You been in previously? If any, what are the circumstances surrounding Your not being in that guild any longer and can anyone from that guild vouch for You?

If You have not been in any guild prior, then is there any other player who can vouch for You?

How long have You been playing Gunbound? Also We would like to know Your age Smile

What are You looking for in a guild? answer that describes the kinds of activities You enjoy doing, or maybe You have other reasons for joining a guild, how ever best to answer that question is at Your discretion Smile

and lastly a way to contact You outside of the game would be wonderful, ICQ AIM MSN YAHOO, just some sort of way to get in touch with You Smile

And lastly for you to go to D!sorder And Join so we can accept you.

As of right now those are the criteria for joining, they are subject to change...and most actually none of it is disqualifiable, so answer honestly Smile



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