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Post by Oliman on Mon Mar 16, 2009 2:52 pm

What guilds have You been in previously? If any, what are the circumstances surrounding Your not being in that guild any longer and can anyone from that guild vouch for You?

This is my first time playing UO on a non player run shard. I played UO about 6 years ago and I look back on it as some of the most fun I have ever had playing video games. I just decided to start playing again about 3 days ago.

All of my friends are still playing WOW and have no interest in starting up UO, so I'm looking for some people to hang out with.

How long have You been playing Ultima Online, How long on Napa? Also We would like to know Your age
I played for about 1 1/2 years, must have been around 2003. Been in Napa about 3 days now. I'm 26.

What are You looking for in a guild? answer that describes the kinds of activities You enjoy doing, or maybe You have other reasons for joining a guild, however best to answer that question is at Your discretion

I'm mainly looking for some active players I can hang out with, maybe do some dungeons or champion spawns that I have been reading about.

I have been enjoying mining/BS, brings back a lot of old memories. I think I'm about ready to start a PVP character though.

and lastly a way to contact You outside of the game would be wonderful, ICQ AIM MSN YAHOO, or if it must be, email, just some sort of way to get in touch with You in order to set up meeting You and adding You

Email would be the best bet
or in game chars


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