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Post by cupid on Thu Oct 09, 2008 10:21 am

hello, my previous guilds were dst and s#f. i left dst because there was not enough hunting and waaaaaay to much standing around in brit. and im sure that savrin/inferno would vouch for me. my other chars that were in there are mustang and skillz, im sure savrin/inferno would know me as mustang. and i left s#f because the guild leader joined scam with one of his chars and now is never on with the one that is still in s#f. so i was on most days by myself anyways so i left there to try and find another guild. whim would prolly vouch for me. he is the gm.

ive been playing ultima for just over a year and all of it on napa. i am 25 years old.

in a guild im lookin for some cool people to talk to while i play. and as far as things i enjoy doing, i like going to try any and all, champs, ish and fel, peerless, doom and any other random monsters killing that is going on. im always up for trying some new stuff in game. im also trying to get into pvp but am just starting out at that.

my email is yahoo messenger is the same, but i am never really on that. well i hope to hear from you guys soon



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