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Post by Daedalus on Fri Aug 22, 2008 10:26 pm

What guilds have You been in previously? If any, what are the circumstances surrounding Your not being in that guild any longer and can anyone from that guild vouch for You?

SoN - 4+ years ago, NvM - 3+ years ago, /US\ - Currently. I had left SoN for NvM due to interior politics and left NvM when I had quit several years ago. Upon returning, I joined /US\ which is now an inactive guild. Kambria, Liquid Poison, Akasha are a few people that may vouch for me.

How long have You been playing Ultima Online, How long on Napa? Also We would like to know Your age Smile

I have been playing UO since before Ren came out. My account is 89 months old and have been on Napa for at least 6 years. I am 31 (as of Wednesday!).

What are You looking for in a guild? answer that describes the kinds of activities You enjoy doing, or maybe You have other reasons for joining a guild, how ever best to answer that question is at Your discretion Smile

I'm looking for social interaction with people who aren't... how shall I put this... I guess I don't want to be around a bunch of "LAWL DID U SEE THAT? I PWNED HIM 3V1 AHAHAHAHALAWL!!!1111one".

I enjoy all aspects of this game and am looking for a guild that does more than just gate fight etc. I used to love doing champs and field pvp. At the moment since there is no one in /US\, I've been just collecting level 5 treasure maps and doing them solo on my bard t-hunter which is a pain since I get my arse handed to me on a regular basis!

I'm up for doing most things and again, this goes back to my first statement, I'd enjoy doing activities in this game with level-headed people.

and lastly a way to contact You outside of the game would be wonderful, ICQ AIM MSN YAHOO, or if it must be, email, just some sort of way to get in touch with You in order to set up meeting You and adding You Smile

ICQ: 357285113
MSN: nekoebay at


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